Mandaluyong Branch

mandaluyong branch

MANDALUYONG - BDM Imaging Center (24 hours)
Address : #1 Miralen Bldg.,Ligaya St., Plain View, Mandaluyong City
Tel Nos : 534-5113

Services : CT Scan / 2D Echo (plain or with doppler)




2D Echo
An Echocardiogram helps evaluate
various problems with the heart
and its function. It gives
information about the heart’s
structure and blood flow non-

  CT Scan
A special X-Ray that creates cross
sectional pictures of your body.

  MRI Scan
An MRI scan is a radiology
technique that uses magnetism,
radio waves, and a computer to
produce images of body structures.

  Ultra Sound
involves the use of high-frequency
sound waves to create images of
organs and systems within the