BDM IMAGING CENTER, INC., is a privately owned Medical Diagnostic Service Company that provides comprehensive quality CT Scan, MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound services. During the past eight years, the company has progressively grown and rapidly expanded.

Our Technology
BDM's cutting edge technology could support your doctors through quality testing and care. Our highly skilled medical technicians perform a wide range of laboratory tests and ensure accurate and timely report to your physician.
CT Scan
-Upper Abdomen
-Lower Abdomen
-Whole Abdomen
-Thoracic Spine
-Facial Bone
-Int. Auditory

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Ultra Sound

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2D Echo
An Echocardiogram helps evaluate
various problems with the heart
and its function. It gives
information about the heart’s
structure and blood flow non-

  CT Scan
A special X-Ray that creates cross
sectional pictures of your body.

  MRI Scan
An MRI scan is a radiology
technique that uses magnetism,
radio waves, and a computer to
produce images of body structures.

  Ultra Sound
involves the use of high-frequency
sound waves to create images of
organs and systems within the